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Wooden Cutting Boards in Sydney

Wooden Cutting Boards Made of Camphor Laurel Timber in Sydney

One of the most common types of wooden chopping boards found in Sydney are the ones made from camphor laurel timber.

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales (NSW) where camphor laurel is found in abundance. This plant has the tendency to spread in a way where its branches cover a huge area, blocking the sunlight. Additionally, its roots absorb a lot of moisture from the soil. Due to such properties, Australian native flora cannot grow around them. This further affects the fauna that survives on the natives. This is the main reason why the plant is labelled as a weed under the NSW Noxious Weeds Act 1993. Thus, the Australian government is promoting the harvesting of this tree.

To bring the hardwood from the camphor laurel tree into use, wooden cutting boards are one of the best options. Sydney being a metropolis has a plethora of restaurants, pubs and more which can greatly benefit from camphor laurel cutting boards. You can also buy a wooden chopping board in Sydney and use it as a humble kitchen accessory or an aesthetic showpiece for your kitchen interior.

Why Buy Greenvalley’s Wooden Chopping Boards in Sydney?

Camphor laurel has a pleasing smell that appeals to the senses. Such wooden cutting boards enhance the look of all Sydney kitchens, whether commercial or residential, modern or classic. While there are several companies that sell camphor laurel-based wooden chopping boards in Sydney, there are certain specialities that separate Greenvalley’s camphor boards from the rest:

  • Our boards are kiln dried to prevent the camphor smell from penetrating food.
  • All the camphor for our boards is Australian harvested and our boards are Australian made.
  • Our boards are manufactured following strict quality standards.
  • Our camphor wood boards promote ecological balance and environmental sustainability.
  • We increase local employment opportunities in the NSW area.
  • We use the highest quality camphor timber for our boards.

Wooden Cutting Boards for Sale in Sydney

Greenvalley sells wooden chopping boards online in Sydney at competitive rates. Our handcrafted boards can also be used as serving platters and are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, shades and types.

Browse through our array of juice groove boards, cheese boards, bread boards, wooden paddle boards and more. Buy today and add flair to your dining or kitchen area.