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Beliefs and Values – Australian Chopping Boards

At Greenvalley we believe in environmental sustainability. Because of this, we chose Camphor Laurel. It has distinguished characteristics in line with our beliefs. Camphor is an introduced species. As a result, it is a pest to our local species and the councils encourage logging Camphor trees. Harvesting it protects our environment.
We highly value Australian-made and owned products. Because of the large amount of cheap, imported goods, we want to make something real and Aussie. This is why we chose Camphor, sourced in NSW. Camphor Laurel is a high quality and environmentally friendly species according to a study done in Southern Cross University (2002).

As a professional chef, I rely on high-quality kitchen tools to perform at my best. This wooden board has exceeded my expectations. The size is perfect for any task, and the weight and thickness give it a sturdy feel. It provides an excellent cutting surface that doesn’t dull my knives. I now use it every day in my restaurant and have even purchased a second one for my home kitchen!

Chef Michael R

I’ve owned many cutting boards over the years, but this kitchen wooden board stands out from the rest. The wood is incredibly durable and doesn’t show any knife marks, even after extensive use. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and I appreciate the convenient juice groove around the edge that prevents any mess on my countertop. It’s a beautiful addition to my kitchen!

James M.

I absolutely love my new kitchen wooden board! The quality of the wood is top-notch, and it adds a touch of elegance to my kitchen. It’s not only a practical tool for cutting and preparing food, but it also doubles as a stunning serving platter for cheese and charcuterie when I have guests over. I now use it every day in my kitchen. Highly recommended!

Sarah G.

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Why Purchase From Us?

Greenvalley believes in promoting ecological balance and environmental sustainability. As a result, we harvest camphor laurel for chopping boards. Our boards have several qualities, including:
  • Perfect for presenting as well as preparing food.
  • Strong, durable, and long-lasting.
  • An elegant addition to your cooking equipment.
  • Available in various shapes and shades.
Browse through our varieties and select a chopping board today.

Why Our Boards Are Unique

Our boards are made from the ornamental and aromatic Camphor Laurel tree. As an introduced species to Australia, local councils are aiming to maintain ecological balance by encouraging the removal of these trees. We harvest Camphor Laurel to replant native species. In this way, our choice of material helps protect our ecological system.
Our boards will last for many years and become a much-loved part of everyday dining. The artistry of preparing and presenting food will be something that you will look forward to.
Camphor Laurel is a caring choice for household applications. It has an antibacterial nature and distinct feel. Its pleasant aroma adds a layer of experience in preparing or presenting food.
Each board is handmade from a single piece of solid timber without any joining. This creates strength, longevity, and grain continuity. A natural pattern is revealed in every board, giving all our products their own personality.
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