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About Us

Greenvalley Pty Ltd was formed on 15 December 1992 as a company specialising in timber trading. We discovered the specialties of the Australian grown Camphor Laurel in 1999 and we have been exporting it to China and Korea since then.

In 2009, the market demand for Camphor Laurel products had driven us to branch out into the chopping board market due to our expertise in the timber industry, and we exported our finished product to South Korea and Germany. During this time, we refined our production technique and improved the quality of our end-product. In 2018, we finished the construction of our chopping board factory in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, but due to heavy demand, we set up another factory in Clayton South, Victoria (in 2019) to increase production.

Beliefs and Values

At Greenvalley, we believe in environmental sustainability. Camphor Laurel has distinguished characteristics which are in line with our beliefs. As an introduced species, it is outgrowing our local species and the regional councils are encouraging for logging Camphor trees due to their pestilent nature. Harvesting Camphor Laurel means maintaining our ecologic system and protecting our environment.

We highly value 100% Australian-made and owned products, as we believe the best are found on our doorstep. Domestic Camphor Laurel has been demonstrated to be a high quality and environmentally friendly species according to a study done in Southern Cross University (2002).


Increase local employment opportunities in regional New South Wales
Environmental Sustainability
A quality, high-end product for our customers
100% consumer satisfaction