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Wooden Cutting Board and Serving Platter

Versatility of Wooden Cutting Boards and Serving Platters

A wooden cutting board is a kitchen utensil that adds aesthetic as well as hygiene to any kitchen. However, the beauty of it lies in its versatility. It is a multipurpose item and can also be used as an attractive serving platter.

It is said that one eats first with their eyes. Wooden serving platters make any simple meal look like culinary art that appeals to your senses.

Types of Wooden Cutting Boards that can be Used as Serving Platters

There are various types of wooden cutting boards that can be used as serving platters. Some of these 2 in 1 cutting boards are as follows:

  1. Cheese Boards: These boards can be used to cut fruits and vegetables. However, they can also be utilized as a dazzling cheese and cracker serving platter. Accompanied with wine, they can be an accessory for a classy dinner setting. A small and narrow cheese board can also be used for bread or meat.
  2. Pizza Boards: Cutting boards with paddles are extremely convenient to use. These can be put in the oven, on the pan or in a grill with ease. Thus, pizza can be baked as well as served on these.
  3. Handled Cutting Boards: Cutting boards with handles are the most common wooden boards that are usually converted into food or drink serving trays. Transporting food on these is convenient and the glass circles can be conveniently absorbed by the wood.
  4. Juice Groove Boards: Juices that meat, fruit and vegetables release when being cut can easily be segregated and stored in the hollow grooves of this cutting board. Its pattern makes it look sophisticated and classic. This board can be used to serve drinks as well as dishes with a slightly liquid content.

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