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Wooden Chopping Boards in Hobart

Why Buy a Wooden Chopping Board in Hobart?

Hobart is rich in art and culture, the city where tourism is thriving as it is flooded with bars and nightclubs. Additionally, Elizabeth Street in North Hobart and Salamanca Street near Waterfront have various restaurants serving diverse cuisine. Therefore, food is an important inclusion in Hobart’s everyday living. Beautiful kitchen accessories are thus heavily desired.

One of the most charming yet humble kitchen utensils is a wooden chopping board. It is a natural addition to your commercial or residential Hobart kitchen. Its simplistic charisma is what makes it a desirable product for every chef.

Besides plastic being a synthetic pollutant, there are several other reasons why one should use a wooden chopping board in Hobart. Some of these are:

  • Germs and Bacteria:
    Plastics gets deeper cuts. Since it is difficult to clean thoroughly, the bacteria remain inside the cutting board, contaminating the food. Wooden chopping boards can be cleaned easily. In addition, research by doctor Dean O. Cliver, PhD from the University of California even proves that bacteria sink below the surface of the board where they can not multiply and are killed off.
  • Aesthetic Appeal:
    Wooden chopping boards look sophisticated and elegant. They also entrust a homely warmth and cosy feel to your interior while adding in a natural element. Unlike plastic cutting boards which are not as ornamental, wooden cutting boards can be displayed in the kitchen and dining area along with other aesthetically appealing items.
  • Versatility:
    Wooden chopping boards can be used as wall hangings, serving trays and plates. This is because of the beauty of these boards along with their materials’ mouldable properties. These boards can be handcrafted and customised by adding grooves, handles and more. Plastic is not as flexible and hence such cutting boards lack the versatility.

Greenvalley’s Wooden Chopping Boards in Hobart

Greenvalley provides wooden chopping boards in Hobart that are crafted out of camphor laurel timber. Our boards are sweet smelling, handmade and environmentally sustainable art pieces. Additionally, our cutting boards, laden with beautiful reddish wood grains, are available in a plethora of shapes, sizes and shades.

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