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Red Edges (L) – CBRE1

Red Edges (L) – CBRE1


Red Edges (L) features:

  • Designed and made in Australia.
  • Made from one piece of timber without joining.
  • Made from 100% Australian Camphor Laurel wood.
  • Two red edges.
  • Compact size.

Dimensions (mm):

  • 470 × 340 × 28 mm

Red Board Red Edges (L), or CBRE1, is part of our TWO RED EDGES range. It is ideal for those who prefer a medium-sized rectangular board. What does this mean for you? Essentially, the sleek rectangular design is pragmatic for food presentation. It is also perfect for preparing food, with red edges providing a fine finish. This enables a cleaner kitchen experience.

At Greenvalley we pride ourselves on the highest quality kitchen chopping boards. We do this to enhance your food experience, so that preparation becomes a joy. We believe in healthy cooking and sustainable living. Treat yourself with our Red board Red Edges (L). It is a long-lasting, quality chopping board. You will feel the difference in comparison to other disposable products.

We believe in environmental sustainability and natural goods. The Red Board Red Edges (L) board is no exception. This is of utmost importance to our company’s outlook. We wish to support the ecological balance of Australian forests. Therefore, there is no need to worry – all our boards are made of the species Camphor Laurel. What does this mean? Camphor is an introduced species which crowds out local wood species. We have permission from the government of NSW to log and use this wood to make our boards. In this way, we are doing our part to help the out-crowded species, alongside providing the public a quality product at the same time!

Of course, business is important as well. Our company possesses years of trading experience, having dealt with a multitude of clients both domestically and internationally. This is to ensure that you, the consumer, is provided the best experience. Greenvalley prides ourselves on not only high quality sustainability and products, but also customer service. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding your purchase.

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