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Chopping Boards in Brisbane

Historical Significance of Wooden Chopping Boards

Brisbane Chopping Boards start with wood. Wood has been used for kitchen utensils since the prehistoric ages. According to the author of Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things, Charles Panati, wooden spoons were found in the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians along with their gold and silver variants. This goes on to prove the importance of wooden vessels.

Even the first chopping board was made of wood. This dates to the industrial ages when butchers used a round log as a base for chopping meat. This log evolved through the ages into the modern chopping board. It is thus an important kitchen accessory that holds historical significance.

The Need for Wooden Brisbane Chopping Boards

Brisbane has several food festivals. Cuisine is an important part of this Australian metropolis. Hence, a wooden cutting board is a prerequisite for commercial as well as residential kitchens across this city. In addition, these chopping boards can also be used for serving.

A wooden cutting board is thus multi-purpose and can be put to various uses such as:

  • A wall hanging in kitchens, restaurants, dining areas and more
  • For cutting fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and break
  • To bake in ovens and grills
  • As serving boards for presenting food
  • As a serving tray in order to serve drinks and food
  • To add aesthetic appeal in your food photographs

If you are looking for a chopping board in Brisbane that adds charm to ordinary food, Greenvalley’s camphor laurel cutting boards are amongst the very best.

Why Choose Brisbane Chopping Boards from Greenvalley?

Greenvalley manufactures Australian grown and made camphor laurel chopping boards. Our boards look elegant and add back the charisma to your daily meals. Some of the unique features of our wooden cutting boards are as follows:

  • The sweet smell of camphor laurel
  • The reddish wood grains that give unique texture
  • Versatile nature of our boards
  • Manufactured using the best quality hardwood timber
  • Available in a plethora of sizes, shapes, patterns and types
  • Manufactured from a single piece of timber without any joining