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Handcrafted Chopping Board

The Appeal of Handcrafted Chopping Boards

Food may be just a means of sustenance for us, but for a chef it is a culinary delight. Something so artistic and passionate needs equipment to match it. A handcrafted chopping board adds flair to a kitchen and converts regular home cooking into a meal fit for a king. These are true works of art that are carved to perfection by artisans who are just as passionate about woodcraft as any other professional is for their expertise.

Camphor Laurel for Handcrafted Chopping Boards

Camphor laurel is a hardwood timber that has an elegant appeal. It’s reddish brown hues and enchanting fragrance make it perfect for carving out cutting boards. These boards the senses due to their aesthetic appeal and wafting smell. When you use a camphor laurel cutting board, you will impress your loved ones or house party guests. Additionally, the antibacterial properties of camphor laurel add to their overall allure,  making camphor laurel one of the best hardwood timbers for handcrafted chopping boards. Camphor laurel is, therefore durable, easy to maintain and can be sculpted into masterpieces by expert wood craftsmen.

Greenvalley’s Elegant Handcrafted Chopping Boards

At Greenvalley, we believe in ecological balance. To achieve this, camphor laurel trees need to be harvested and replaced by native Australian species. We utilise the timber from these hardwood trees and convert it into a fine product that benefits the environment.

Our handcrafted chopping boards are manufactured with a unique production system. It involves the following steps:

  • Devising a schedule for harvesting Camphor Laurel
  • Selecting the right quality logs to be used
  • Milling the logs into timber slabs by experienced millers who make sure that the best patterns of the wood are obtained
  • Kiln drying the slabs so that the material reaches the designated moisture content before manufacturing commences.
  • Manufacturing cutting boards as per precise specifications and a strict quality control system.

This process makes our handcrafted chopping boards unique and superior to that of  our competitors. Additionally, our experience of 23 years adds credibility.

Greenvalley sells handcrafted cutting boards in many shapes, patterns, hues, styles and sizes online. Explore our collection of bread boards, juice groove boards, dough boards, paddle boards and more and buy today.